From Dance Enthusiast

To CEO Of Your Dance Studio

This is your turning point. Are you ready to embark on a transformational journey? Are you ready to shape your future, indulge in your passion, and contribute to your community in a meaningful way?


Receive Your Complimentary Gift. “Success Is Just The Beginning” . Happy New Year!


….Only Better!…

We are on a mission to help you grow your very own successful dance studio through Community, Accountability and Feedback. Gain insights, connections and momentum to open faster and thrive.

Imagine the power of learning directly from industry leaders. We will help prepare you for an electrifying journey! At NEDA, we're not just handing you the keys to a dance studio; we're igniting a blazing trail to your dreams! We're arming every NEDA owner with an arsenal of tools, top-notch training, and unwavering support to empower you on your quest to transform your dance studio into an epic success story.

Follow Our Lead:

We will show you how we built one of the nation’s largest, most successful dance studio brands.

Follow Our Process:

Start up with confidence by following our systems and business model to help you open faster and grow.

Follow our History

Get inspired! We have been leaders for 3 decades! Learn Why NEDA has a record of success  that makes the business model  “Unlike All Others”.


The Founder

That Understands You!

 I may not know you personally (YET) but I know you, because I was you. 

I know your desire for abundance, love and creativity. I taste your hunger for excellence. I smell your fear of disappointment, and I see the opportunities that are within your grasp if only you have the courage to STRETCH for them. 

I opened  my first business in a community where I knew no one. I made all the mistakes, so you don’t have to. I spent 30 years perfecting my systems and structure and it was life-changing for my community and my family.  I am now ready and eager to share my “secret sauce” with passionate entrepreneurs

…Just Like You

Crafting a thriving business mirrors the art of cultivating a successful relationship—one that endures, evolves, and withstands the test of time. To achieve hypergrowth, one must embrace hyperleadership, inspiring greatness and surpassing expectations.

While some may be blessed with exceptional talents, my firsthand experience reveals that those anchored in the values of work ethic and determination are the ones transforming the world. I recognize my innate gifts but attribute my success to honing them—evolving from a teacher to a mentor, and from an entrepreneur to a seasoned business owner.

Success is a collaborative journey. Rapid progress comes from leveraging available resources. Success leaves clues, and having navigated the entrepreneurial landscape for three decades, I’ve charted the pitfalls, hazards, and learned from nearly every mistake imaginable—so you won’t have to.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I’ve built businesses by understanding people, programs, and processes. Each lesson was hard-fought and earned. Now, I’m poised to guide others, helping them sidestep my past missteps, define their success, build their dream business, and forge their own legacy.

Are you ready for


Are you ready to be the CEO of your dance studio?

Can you see yourself as part of our vision? Our vision to bring students from all over the nation together in celebration of technique and curriculum led by studio owners and teachers who train together, learn together and inspire the next generation together.


Here is the secret sauce: your relentless passion, and our unbreakable brand focus, and ironclad determination will be the turbochargers that propel you into the most exhilarating and gratifying adventure of your lifetime! Buckle up, because the thrill ride of entrepreneurship begins here, and it's going to be an adrenaline-pumping journey like no other!

Great News!

The future of the Dance Studio Industry is Bright

Recession Resistant-

As long as people continue to have babies, we will continue to grow and thrive in the dance studio business.

Align Your Personal and Professional Goals.

When you become the CEO of your very own dance studio you create a business that aligns with your lifestyle

Harmony, Not Balance

When you open a dance studio you can create harmony between your personal and professional objectives.

Additional Revenue Streams

Opportunity to add additional revenue streams.

Why own just a dance studio when you can be part of a Nation: NEDA NATION

As An Emerging Brand, Your Success
Is Our Success!

That's Why We Are Investing In You!

-Get In On The Ground Floor 

-Get More Attention, Accountability and Feedback

-Get Founder Coaching and Support

Whether you are a dancer, instructor, current independent studio owner, manager or dance enthusiast, we only have two questions for you….

Are you ready to be a business owner and do you want a brand partner invested in your success?


Attracting Students

We will teach you how to attract new students each month.

Retaining Students

We will teach you how to retain your students and increase their LTV.

Building Legacy

We will teach you how to build a business that supports your dreams and aspirations.

Start Up Investment

This chart outlines some key areas of the initial and ongoing investment. We help New England Dance Academy owners to open quickly. Learn More or become pre-qualified (Link: 3rd party financial pre-qualifier.)

Per our 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document

Startup Investment

Initial Franchise Fee

On-going Royalty

Brand Development Fund

Grand Opening

Initial Fees and Investment Terms


$108,720 to $137,077

$35,000 10% Veteran discount (immediate family is eligible for the discount)

7% of Gross Sales

2% of Gross Sales


Notes onInvestment


For one studio

50% discount off of 2nd studio fee in future for current franchisees

Paid Monthly

3Also invest 1% with a $1,000/month minimum for year one on your local advertising and marketing

Included in startup range to help launch the business ** 1st 5 Franchisees we will match this spend**

Per our 2023 Franchise Disclosure DocumentInitial Fees and Investment TermsNotes on Investment
Startup Investment$108,720 to $137,077For one studio
Initial Franchise Fee$35,000 10% Veteran discount (immediate family is eligible for the discount)50% discount off of 2nd studio fee in future for current franchisees
On-going Royalty7% of Gross SalesPaid Monthly
Brand Development Fund2% of Gross SalesAlso invest 1% with a $1,000/month minimum for year one on your local advertising and marketing
Grand Opening$5,000Included in startup range to help launch the business ** 1st 5 Franchisees we will match this spend**

As part of your pre-opening support, we provide on-boarding and support to prepare you for opening including two phases: virtual (remote and asynchronous) and in person franchise training.

– Prior to attending the in-person segment, you will complete 32 hours of online training that can be started once you are on-boarded and have access to our learning management system. This is a self-directed program, completed at your own pace based on your schedule but must be completed before you may move on to phase two.

Its way MORE than Dance is's


What Sets Us APART

Asset 9-min


Is This You?

New England Dance Academy Is made up of people who are hard working and excited for opportunity. People who are results driven and who choose impact over activity. People who don’t give up or give in, but who persevere. People who can take direction but still work independently. People who love collaboration and team effort. People who are generous, kind and eager to move forward. People who want to make a difference in the life of a child.

How We Will Support Your Growth

-Direct, hands on support from our Founder and the Team!

Attracting and Retaining Students

Finding and Keeping A-Player Staff and Faculty

Class Capacity, Gross Margin and Profit Margin Streams

Structure and Systems that Scale

As A Special Bonus: Finance Fridays!

Classroom Training

Online Training

On Site Training

Ongoing Support

Social Media/Marketing

Enrollment/ Onboarding



Every Child Deserves

A New England Dance Academy Dance Education!

AND We Need YOU To Help Us Make That Happen!

New England Dance Academy is focused on creating impact, challenging the norms and re-inventing the status quo. We have built an incredible team of committed, passionate and skilled professionals. At New England dance Academy we strive to help our students see past limitations, to live a connected purpose. We work to exceed expectations and create a community where students grow in courage and confidence. Together, we strive for excellence in and outside the dance classroom by using our proven strategies and techniques.

   Our Dancer’s Grow With Us

 We expose children to their inner greatness. We surround children with leaders, so they will grow up and lead. We teach children how to be confident, resourceful, and independent thinkers. We use dance lessons to teach children that Work Ethic, Expectations, Accountability, Leadership, Time management and great Habits are the keys to success.

Why Own A New England

Dance Academy Franchise?


Are you ready to change the dance studio industry!

Are you ready to take the leap!

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